About the Blogger – Manisha Singh


Story until March 2015

School –> Engineering (Computer Science) –> Software Engineer (With Infosys) –> MBA- Human Resources (From XIMB) –> Placed in one of the Big 4 consulting firms

2015 – 2016

With a small job in a big firm, I moved to one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world – Mumbai.

A lot of people tend to assume that it was my job that led me to quit my life in Mumbai and begin this journey but that’s not true. There were a lot of things in my life that were not going right and by right I mean they weren’t making me a happier person. Life in Mumbai sure is difficult (from house hunting to traveling by local trains), but if the other aspects of your life are also not going right then it gets worse.

I could see myself falling in a dark pitch of monotony and sadness. I reached a point where I found no motivation to wake up in the morning. From being a morning person who loved running I turned into a person who struggled to wake up at any hour. I wasn’t even sleeping well, it was just difficult to get up and do anything. I often found myself imagining the end of my life.

Somewhere in this conundrum, on a breakdown call with my mom, I found motivation to change things for better.

Life After Oct 2016

In Oct 2016, very dramatically, I quit my corporate job and left for an adventure to fill my soul with joy again. I’ve been backpacking around Latin America since Nov 2016 and it has been one memorable journey.

Hitchhiking, staying with farmers, dancing with strangers, Hostels, mixed dorms, learning Spanish, drunk night, volunteering, painting the walls, Basically everything that I thought was reserved for a best selling novel.

I’m starting this blog to document my journey which is intended to also help anyone looking for tips to Budget travel, Solo travel, or travel on Indian passport.

Traveling solo is by far the best thing I’ve tried in life and every other amazing thing I’ve done followed.


23 thoughts on “About the Blogger – Manisha Singh

  1. Hopping over here from Minaxi’s place. And boy am I glad I did! It is so refreshing to see you Indian women pursuing the dream of solo travel πŸ˜€ Kudos to you girl. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures! πŸ™‚


  2. Loved this Bit .

    “””I’m starting this blog to document my journey which is intended to also help anyone looking for tips to Budget travel, Solo travel, or travel on Indian passport.””””
    Keep Going


  3. Go to know of this page from links in your lonely planet post. Gone through most of your blogs, it was very helpful especially the “visa for Indians” section. Thanks much.


  4. Hi heroine ! You remember I said – β€œyou are living the life I dream for” but after reading your blogs and stories it encourages me that you are doing it so right 😁 really proud of you ,lucky to know you , interact with you and wish you very many happiness for future events 🀘🏻Cheers 🍺🍻🍾


  5. It is good to hear that you are on path to happiness! More and more people are realizing the dark side of corporate jobs and monotony of life. But only a few can move ahead. I’m glad that you are much more happier now!


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