[VISA] Peru Visa for Indians

Cost: Rs. 2250

Mode of Payment: Cash

Processing Time: Ideally 5 working days (Mine took 6)

Website: http://www.embassyperuindia.in/visainformation.html

Embassy: Delhi (There is no embassy in Mumbai)

Duration of Visa applied: 30 days

Visa Received: 20 days multiple entry

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 8.41.07 PM

I had to cut short a trip of mine to stop by at the embassy and apply for my Visa. I had gone there armed with all the documents.

I had to get a new set of pictures (It didn’t take very long and there was a photo booth very close to the embassy). The lady who was to accept the documents was extremely skeptical about everything. She misguided me a lot and I have no idea what was her issue with my application. She asked me how I intended to go from one point to another, I told her ‘I’ll take a bus’. She then told me there are no buses from Cusco to Lima which is absolute rubbish. I rarely had to book my tickets in advance anywhere in Peru as there are a gazillion companies everywhere.

I told her ‘in that case, I’ll take a flight or a cab, whichever is feasible’. I didn’t know my geography very well back then so I got a little nervous.

There was another person who I assume was from Peru and he was really nice. he was just smiling and told her ‘there are buses from Cusco to Lima’. They took my documents, wrote something with a pencil on them and I left. This was on Friday, On Monday, I got a call from the embassy asking me for a letter stating ‘I work with so and so organization and quitting on so and so date’. In addition to this, they wanted my 30-day itinerary. Each day plan and how did I plan to go from one place to another. This was like homework waiting for me after office hours. I had no clue what was I going to do except Machu Picchu. I had already distributed my time only between Cusco and Lima as showing more places meant showing more bus reservations and/or hotel bookings.

I managed to make an itinerary with decent amount of rest days.

After 5 days, I got my Visa but with entry for 20 days only. I was annoyed but didn’t know at that point that it was just too less. Peru had so much more to do that 20 days is just about enough to scrape through the country. 20 days is really nothing. I missed out on a lot because of this.


After leaving Peru I did write back to the embassy requesting them to be a little more liberal with Indian travelers. It’s not fair to give a 20 day Visa to someone planning to spend months on the continent. It’s not like the Visa is free of cost either.

I spoke to two other Indian nationals who intend to travel to Peru this year and they both were granted one year Visa. What do I get? 20 days. Are you surprised with the number of Indians you meet on the road?

P.S: Starting March end 2017, Indian Nationals holding valid US or Schengen Visa, don’t need a Visa to enter Peru. The entry is for 180 days.


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